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Supplier Diversity

At Southern Company Gas, we believe that supplier diversity brings innovation, quality and overall competitive value to our organization. Our suppliers are important to our success, and we are committed to maintaining a Supplier Diversity Program.

Supplier Diversity Program
The Southern Company Gas Supplier Diversity program develops relationships with and increases opportunities for diverse suppliers that provide quality, competitive prices and services. We believe supplier diversity makes good business sense.

Our policy is to help diverse suppliers develop their businesses to maximize their opportunities with us. All Southern Company Gas buyers are encouraged to consider direct contracts and to recommend that our prime suppliers provide subcontracting opportunities to diverse suppliers.

Our Supplier Diversity program is based upon four foundational principles: Advocacy, Development, Procurement and Reporting. We are committed to advocating the use of diverse suppliers, developing our leaders and employees in their decision making as it relates to the benefits of supplier diversity, procuring goods and services through a diverse network of business partners, and reporting our progress through internal and external mechanisms to ensure our accountability is measured.

  • Advocacy: We believe supplier diversity brings innovation, quality and overall competitive value to our organization. Having a diverse supplier base that represents the communities we serve not only makes good business sense, it creates qualitative and quantitative value for our company, and shareholders.
  • Development: We are dedicated to developing our suppliers. The increasing growth of diversity-owned businesses within our organizational footprint creates a sustainable pool of prospective business partners and customers. By developing diverse suppliers, we create competition for the products and services traditionally offered by non-diverse suppliers. We believe we can help change paradigms, influence behaviors and generate sustainable partnerships with our Primary and Tier 2 Partners.
  • Procurement: We are committed to supporting diverse businesses acts as a stimulant for job creation and economic development, which in turn creates opportunities to grow our business and create brand/product loyalty within all segments of our local economies.
  • Reporting: We provide reporting specific to our supplier diversity program's progress to our Senior Executives, Board of Directors (bi-annually), and to several state regulatory bodies on an annual basis. The success of our program is measured by the good faith efforts we demonstrate and the results we obtain through the dollars we spend with diverse suppliers.

Second-Tier Program
Southern Company Gas strongly encourages our primary suppliers to provide meaningful contracting opportunities to firms owned by minorities and women. Because we understand the value added by the development of diverse businesses, we promote supplier diversity throughout our existing supply base.

We consider second-tier supplier diversity (subcontracting) by our primary suppliers to be an important component of our Supplier Diversity Program. Southern Company Gas evaluates supplier diversity in our RFP decision matrix, and we ask that our primary suppliers participate in our Supplier Diversity Program (including reporting on supplier diversity efforts).

Primary suppliers participating in the Southern Company Gas second-tier program are asked to please report their quarterly spending with diverse suppliers by completing a reporting form.

Supplier Database
Southern Company Gas employees who make and/or influence purchasing decisions have access to a supplier database that contains contact information for businesses nationwide. This supplier database enables employees to search by product/service, company name or business classification, which helps us identify businesses to include in RFPs/RFQs/RFIs.

In order for your business to be pre-approved to compete for procurement opportunities, your company’s information must be submitted online via our registration/pre-approval form. (Please note: Providing the requested information about your company does not guarantee a contract and/or procurement opportunity.)

Supplier Connections
We are committed to developing our suppliers. Registered suppliers have access to information, purchasing employees and overall business development opportunities through in-house trade shows, newsletters and other activities. Supplier Connections will also help suppliers develop strategic relationships with employees who make purchasing decisions at Southern Company Gas and with first- and second-tier suppliers.

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