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Southern Company Gas subsidiaries in Virginia & Tennessee complete first renewable natural gas purchase

Resulting emissions reductions are estimated to be equivalent to the carbon sequestered by over 12,000 acres of U.S. forest for one year

Atlanta – February 1, 2024 – Two Southern Company Gas subsidiaries, Virginia Natural Gas and Chattanooga Gas, have entered into their first renewable natural gas agreement, which will increase access to clean, safe, reliable and affordable fuel. The emissions reductions from this transaction are estimated to be equivalent to the carbon sequestered by over 12,000 acres of U.S. forest or an area the size of Manhattan.

The deal involves acquiring environmental credits from facilities in Nebraska and Indiana.

“We are privileged to provide over 4 million people in four states with fuel that is clean, safe, reliable and affordable,” said Southern Company Gas Executive Vice President of External Affairs and Chief External and Public Affairs Officer Bryan Batson. “Incorporating RNG into our fuel supply not only meets our customers’ expectations that we deliver sustainable solutions, but it’s also one of several tools we’re deploying in support of our goal to reach net zero operational emissions by 2050.”

RNG is a sustainable fuel produced from naturally occurring methane emitted primarily from landfill, agricultural, wastewater and food waste sites. Capturing this biogas at the source before it is emitted into the atmosphere reduces greenhouse gas emissions. RNG is a sustainable and reliable energy source that is compatible with existing infrastructure and appliances. Depending on the source, it can be carbon neutral or carbon negative.

This transaction is made possible by the passage of supportive policies in both Virginia and Tennessee. Virginia’s Energy Innovation Act and Sustainable Gas Program allows and encourages the production and delivery of RNG. The Tennessee Natural Gas Innovation Act permits natural gas utilities to pursue cleaner energy options and for incremental innovative natural gas costs to be reflected in the utilities’ purchased gas adjustment.

This deal is aligned with Southern Company Gas’ decarbonization efforts across the natural gas value chain. Chattanooga Gas announced last August that 100% of the natural gas supply for its residential and small business customers is “Next Generation Natural Gas,” which is fuel that is procured, transported or delivered by companies that are reducing their methane emissions. Virginia Natural Gas, which first began use of Next Generation Natural Gas in 2019, continues to engage more and more suppliers to deliver cleaner fuel to customers, as well.


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