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Community Engagement

To be a catalyst for positive change in our
communities and our environment.

Our Impact

See what we can do when we all come together.


Charitable Gifts


Awarded from Southern Company Gas and the Southern Company Gas Foundation in 2023.

Making A Difference


Nonprofit organizations supported through grants
in 2023.

Connecting Communities


Volunteer hours dedicated to working alongside
our local partners and neighbors across the country
in 2023.

Impact Areas


Supported, including Georgia, Illinois, Tennessee
and Virginia.

Where We Serve

Learn about our charitable giving and volunteer efforts
in your area.


Our Focus Areas

Economic Mobility

We support organizations and initiatives that propel people and communities forward. We aspire to provide equitable access to opportunities, resources, and personal and professional development tools needed to achieve economic success and maintain financial stability.

Social Justice

We collaborate with community leaders committed to protecting human rights and equal access to opportunities for all. We are dedicated to advancing social justice and supporting direct pathways of inclusion through criminal justice reform, equity in education, energy justice and other initiatives dismantling systemic barriers to equity.

Environmental Stewardship

We partner with organizations focused on conservation and preservation of our natural resources. Our goal is to preserve and protect the environment for the benefit of generations to come.

Community Enrichment

We engage with initiatives that strengthen our communities, promote health and well-being, address hunger and homelessness and support public safety. From early childhood to senior living, we collaborate with partners that elevate the quality of life in the communities we serve.



Learn about our contributions to fuel a brighter
tomorrow, starting today.

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