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Combating Food Insecurity: Goodr and Atlanta Gas Light Foundation partner to launch grocery store at Young Middle School

The Atlanta Gas Light Foundation and Goodr Grocery Store at Young Middle School



children and adults cutting ribbon

In a powerful effort to combat food insecurity in Metro-Atlanta, the Atlanta Gas Light Foundation has joined hands with Goodr, a food distribution and recovery organization, to establish the Goodr Grocery Store at Jean Childs Young Middle School in southwest Atlanta. The grand opening of the store was marked by a ribbon-cutting ceremony, during which three families had the opportunity to shop for their necessities. Notable attendees included Atlanta Gas Light's President and CEO Pedro Cherry, Goodr's Founder Jasmine Crowe-Houston, and Atlanta's Mayor Andre Dickens.

Pedro Cherry



Pedro Cherry, President and CEO of Atlanta Gas Light, emphasized the importance of this partnership stating, "This Goodr Grocery store here at Young Middle School is a shining example of what a true partnership can achieve. On behalf of Atlanta Gas Light and the Atlanta Gas Light Foundation we are proud to be a partner, to help create a community where our youth can succeed, proposer and be their very best selves.”


Pedro Cherry

Feeding America reports that approximately 1.1 million Georgians currently struggle with hunger, with 360,000 of them being children, which amounts to 1 in 7 in the City of Atlanta. Hunger's impact goes beyond affecting a child's daily school performance; it also affects their overall health and psychosocial well-being. By bringing a grocery store directly to the middle school, this initiative aims to break down barriers and ensure that every child has easy access to fresh produce, pantry items, and other essential foods. Jasmine Crowe-Houston, founder of Goodr said “No matter how good of a teacher, no teacher could ever teach through hunger. And that it does not matter what you're teaching, what's on the board. If that student is wondering when and where their next meal is coming from you are not going to get a student that is well engaged and be able to learn.”

young lady with bag full of goods

The collective efforts of the Atlanta Gas Light Foundation and Goodr play a crucial role in addressing the issue of food insecurity and contribute to building a healthier, more equitable future for students and families in the Metro-Atlanta area. Through their collaboration, these organizations are making a significant impact in the fight against hunger and setting an example for other communities to follow.